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USS Evergreen/MNS Manea

The USS Evergreen was a ship that was first issued into the US Navy for a short time after the Battle of Corda Dracon. It's original registration was P-028

Service Edit

The Evergreen started service as a "Petra Class" Destroyer called the "MNS Manea" named after a town on Medici. It was built in 2004 by URGA Shipyards. In 2016, In Service with the Medici Navy under the command of General Di Ravello, It was stationed at Corda Dracon and was ready to fight as The medician Rebellion was on the rise. When the rebels attacked Corda Dracon it marked the start of the "battle of Corda Dracon". The Manea was launched and was the only destroyer on sight. One of the Rebel fighters, Rico Rodriguez, had landed on the vessel, and commandeered it. Using the Manea's Main "Sampson-Built" cannon, he destroyed the remainder of the Corda Dracon Base. After the Battle was over, the ship was renamed "USS Evergreen" by the rebels, for the Agency, a military force in the United States. The Evergreen soon set out for the Petra Oil Drilling rig off the coast of Corda Dracon. The ship was captained by Rico

The Evergreen battling the MNS Necro

Rodriguez, as well as 5 other crewmen stationed at the gun, engineer and Maintenance positions. As the USS Evergreen approached the Oil Rig, the Medici Navy paint job did not fool the enemy soldiers and they opened fire, the Evergreen also reportedly hit one mine damaging the Hull. This time 5 Patrol boats and 2 Other destroyers were deployed. The 2 were "MNS Corda Dracon" and "MNS Necro". The MNS Necro flanked the Evergreen and the Evergreen opened fire destroying 2 patrol boats and locking the Necro and Evergreen in a Trance. In the end the Evergreen came out on top destroying the Necro. The second Destroyer the "Corda Dracon" came in and along with an Attack helicopter above the Evergreen has encountered serious hull damage and had to be abandoned, Captain Rpdriguez jumped into the sea and reportedly he was the only one to make it off the doomed ship, while the other 5 sunk to their watery graves. Rodriguez along with some other rebel and Agency forces continued to dismantle the Oil Rig and eventually destroyed it along with the "MNS Corda Dracon" effectively avenging the Evergreen.

Official intel pictures showing The Evergreen sinking

Gallery Edit

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Evergreen Steaming toward Petra Oil rig

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The Evergreen's Conn Tower

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The Evergreen's "Sampson Built" Smooth-Bore High-power Heavy Cannon

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The Evergreen's Radar system

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Under attack at Petra Oil Rig

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