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The Republic of Druid Hills High School (or DDHS) is an Independent Micronation located in Georgia, USA. it has an Independant form of Democracy.

History Edit

The Republic of Druid Hills High School was started in 2007, after a Democratic disagreement with the County of Dekalb and Founder Ben Carrington who is now a UGA Major. The High School which opened in 1919, has since been governed by a total so far of 8 people, as a random student is selected in a lottery every year. In 2010 the Republic made a basic series of laws including when and when not to enter lunch codes, and speed limits in the hallways. Lately in 2013, the DDHS Transportation society established a parking system as well as ownership of 2 buses formerly part of the Dekalb County School district, as well as in October 2014, Homosexual relationships was formerly allowed in the Republic. The last important date was when the third President of the DDHS, Micheal Shawn, was overthrown after attempting to Declare war with the United States. Ever since it has had a national military comprised of an Army ran by the republic's ROTC official, which maintains over 200 members, as well as an airforce of over 40 Paper Airplanes. As well as a military, they have National Sports teams, officially called the Red Devils. Now under the new leadership of Burmese student, Ahyar Oo, the Republic is in a state of peace, but some tensions have arose to create a seperate micronation of the DDHS State of "MathBuildingia".


Map of the state of Georgia were the DDHS lies

Republic of Drui dhIlls


States Edit

The DDHS has 3 seperate states, "Mainhalloa" which is the capitol, "Mathbuldingia", which is located to the Left of the Capitol (Also a state who wants to Succeed from the DDHS) , as well "Shoal", a state comprised of the back feild and smaller buildings like the Music Building and Gym, making the Sports team the "Shoal Red Devils". Each State has a flag.

DDHS States

States Map of the DDHS

Flags Edit

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The DDHS Flag


Flag of the state of Mainhalloa


Flag of the state of Mathbuildingia


Flag of the State of Shoal

Presidents Edit

Ben Carrington 2007-2008

Juan Lorenzo 2008-2009

Micheal Shawn 2009-2010 *Overthrown*

Lisa Sorendo 2010-2011 *First female president*

Kibachi Soledad 2011-2012

Mathew Gibbons 2012-2013

Thomas Graham 2013-2014

Rachel Juieng 2014-2015

Ahyar Oo 2015- 2016 *First Freshman President*

Stats Edit

Permanent Residents: None

Temporary Residents: 1,200+

International Languages: English , DruidHillsian and Ethiopian

Currency: US Dollar

Exports for Trade: Education and Textbooks

Gallery and other Pictures Edit

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